stationerycheatsheet The world of wedding stationery can be a little overwhelming, especially if you’re new to wedding planning. In order to make your choices a little easier, here’s a little breakdown to help you decide exactly what you’ll need…

Before the Day

Save The Date/Evening Postcards
These pretty little postcards are the first insight your guests will receive of your wedding day. They are normally sent out 6-12 months before the big day and used to let your guests know the date of the wedding and that they will be formally invited closer to the time.

Your invitations are typically sent out 3-4 months before your wedding day and are used to formally invite your guests to your ceremony and/or evening reception.

Information Cards
These are used to give your guests additional information about the day, they can include any information you choose but some examples are accomodation/ gift information/ travel arrangments/ useful websites about the area or your personal wedding website.

Map/Direction Cards
Many of your guests may not know the area so it is important that the location is clear to them, most importantly you need to include clear directions to your wedding ceremony. However, if your reception venue is not a straight forward journey from the ceremony you may want to include the address or additonal information for this venue too.

RSVP cards
In order to finalise your seating plan and wedding details with your venue you’ll need to know who’s coming! These lovely little response cards will come with pre printed envelopes so your guests have no excuse not to respond before your chosen response date!

Invitation Bands
These are used to keep your invitation and additional information all together in a stunning little pack

On the Day

Order of Service/Day
These can be ordered as a folded card or double sided cards. They are used to inform your guests of the order of events during the big day/ service. We recommend ordering either one per person or one between two.

A2 Order of Day Board
Order of day plans can be displayed on an easel at your wedding venue and are an alternative way of informing guests of the order of events throughout the day.

A2 Table Plan
You can choose to have your table plan format as landscape or portrait. It can be displayed on an easel and can be framed or stand on it’s own.

Escort Cards
As an alternative to a table plan you may opt for escort cards, your guests names will be printed on individual envelopes and their table will be revealed by a postcard inside, these can be displayed on a table or hung up in a beautiful arrangement.

Table Names/Numbers
Make your tables clearly identifiable by displaying a table name or number on each one.




Place Cards
Your guests now know their table but not their seat, these cards are used to let your guests know which seat is allocated for them.

Favour Tags/Stickers
So you’ve carefully chosen or crafitily made the lovely keepsakes for your guests, add a personal touch by opting for coordinating your thank you tags or stickers with the rest of your wedding stationery.

These lovely menu cards double up as an additional decoration for each place sitting.

After the Day

Thank You Cards
These gorgeous cards are the perfect way to thank your guests for attending your big day and we love to add your favourite wedding photograph to them!